libapache2-mod-xsendfile – processes X-SENDFILE headers with apache2

For some projects I had to figure out a way to deliver a file via Apache2 but still being able to put some business logic before the download. Imagine you have a php, perl, rails, ruby or whatever project and want to check credentials before delivering a file while not blocking your application with submitting large amounts of data. Lighttpd has a mechanism called „xsendfile“ for this. To make it short, this looks for a X-Sendfile header sent by the application. If this header is set and directs to a file the web server stops processing its script and starts delivering a file.

Fortunately there is a promising Apache2 port for this: mod-xsendfile. As I had to compile this serveral times and did not find it in Debian unstable or Ubuntu I made it my first packaging attempt (after having attended the first German Packaging Jam held by Daniel Holbach – thank you!).

If you like, you can test the module for hardy by enabling my ppa archive:

deb hardy main
deb-src hardy main

and „aptitude install libapache2-mod-xsendfile“ afterwards. See the website for reference. I will also upload this to my ppa for stable releases within the next days.

There is a launchpad bug I created for this. Feel free to test the module and the package and add comments there or directly here. Sadfully this package is to late to be integrated into hardy, so maybe the Intrepid Ibex (what a name…) will be a good milestone.

Call for Papers: Ubuntu Hardy Heron Release Party (Berlin)

As already mentioned the „Ubuntu Berlin“ user group already planned it’s Ubuntu Hardy Heron release party for 26th of April. This time we want to go one step further and extend our lecture track. Therefore we started a call for papers. The call itself is in German due to our local focus. If you live around Berlin and are willing and able to speak about a Ubuntu- oder Linux-related topic – let us know! The most recent version of the call and a pdf version are to be found on:

For the lazy ones around, take the following:

Call for Papers

Ubuntu Hardy Heron Releaseparty (Berlin)

Die Anwendergruppe „Ubuntu Berlin“ sucht Referenten für die am 26.4.2008 in den Räumen des c-base e.V. stattfindende Ubuntu Hardy Heron Releaseparty.

Die Teilnehmer der Party setzen sich aus Ubuntu-Neulingen, Anwendern und fortgeschrittenen Entwicklern zusammen. Es ist mit einer Teilnehmerzahl ab 100 Personen zu rechnen. Thematisch sind Vorträge zu Ubuntu-bezogenen Themen (Neuerungen in Hardy Heron, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu, Gobuntu, usw.), Installation, speziellen Anwendungsfällen und Applikationen, aber auch Community- und Linux-nahen Aktivitäten willkommen. Die Vortragszeit beträgt 20 Minuten, um ein Vortragsinterval von 30 Minuten einzuhalten. Beamer, Internetzugang, Rechner, Mikrofon können gestellt werden. Bei rechtzeitiger Anfrage ist eventuell die Bereitstellung eines Workshop-Raums für kleinere Sitzungen möglich (ca. 8 Plätze).

Vorschläge sind einzureichen bis zum 29.2.2008. Über eine Annahme der Vorträge wird bis 16.3.2008 entschieden.

Beim Einreichen sind folgende Vorgaben zu beachten:

  • Nennung von Vortragstitel, Name des Vortragenden, Qualifikation (z.B. Anwender, Vereinsmitglied, Entwickler)
  • Beschreibung des Vortragsthemas in einem Absatz
  • Kontakt-Möglichkeit des Vortrages (E-Mail, nach Möglichkeit Telefon)
  • Nennung notwendiger Ressourcen (Beamer, Netzwerk, Rechner)
  • Besteht die Möglichkeit, den Vortrag ca. eine Woche vorher voraufzuführen

Ubuntu Berlin kann keine Kostenerstattung für Anreise, Unterkunft und Verpflegung übernehmen. Ein eventuell notwendiger Transport von Hardware kann im Raum Berlin organisiert werden.

Vortrags-Konzepte und Fragen sind per E-Mail zu richten an
[email protected]

Ubuntu Hardy Heron Release Party – 26th of April at c-base/Berlin (Germany)

Yes, guys, we are fast. While you might be trying the alpha 2 release of Ubuntu Hardy Heron, the so called „Ubuntu +1“, meaning the next release which is scheduled for 24th of April 2008, the „Ubuntu Berlin“ user group is already busy with preparing its release party. After our last two release parties took place at the well known c-base – a sunken star ship – and reached an audience of eigthy to hundred people, we are pleased to announce that the next party will become even bigger.

As last time several lectures will be held. Due to the public interest especially in technical information we moved our party from Friday to Saturday and are going to start earlier in the afternoon so we can provide more input for visitors while still being able to have the dj(s) do their work in the evening and probably some barbecue.

So if you live around Berlin (Germany) – save the date – and feel free to help us with the preparation. You are welcome on the mailing list or our other communication channels that you can find on our wiki page. If you are just interested in attending the lectures or just want to hang around at the party, you invited to join our moderated, low traffic announcement mailing list.