Ubuntu LAN party

While dealing with preparations for our already announced Hardy Heron release party we are currently planning an Ubuntu LAN party. What does that mean? The Ubuntu Berlin team came to the conclusion that network gaming is one of the major reasons for sticking to Windows based operating systems. There is of course an unmanageable amount of games of Windows machines out there – no doubt about it. But it seems to be a prejudice that you cannot have network based gaming fun on Linux. And I don’t mean running Wine, VmWare or similar here.

Therefore we set up a small and incomplete list with games that you can play under Linux. Some of them are actually Windows games that can run under Wine – but only some (and they are a kind of compromise for some of our members). Quite enthusiastic discussions occurred in conjunction with games like „Battle for Wesnoth„, „Armagetron„, „OpenArena“ and „Nexuiz„. All of them are available through Ubuntu package repositories and – even better – not all of them are shooters.

So we are happily looking towards our first lan party within the next weeks which will be located at c-base or newthinking store if one them lets us in. I hope that we also have time to do some bug reporting afterwards if necessary – it should be a great possibility to do some network game stress tests.

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