Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope on Berlin metro system

Again I am happy to announce, that Berliner Fenster, the company behind the Berlin metro tv advertisement system, viewed by approx. 1.5 million people a day, was so kind of providing Ubuntu and Ubuntu Berlin with a spot for the release of Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope and the release party hosted by Ubuntu Berlin at c-base:

If you cannot see the embedded spot, click on this link.

The spot runs for three days, showing Ubuntu to a remarkable amount of passengers.

Please note: The background image is from Marvin Kubiak, you can find it among other interesting Jaunty background images on:


Happy release!

Ubuntu Hardy backgound guerilla marketing

Did I already mention I really like the default background image for Ubuntu Hardy Heron? It is called „Warty Final“ (confusing name scheme) and was created by Feta Kuti. It’s a new fresh style (correct me if it is older and I’s always missing it) apart from all those water-chocolate-thingies (which we have seen enough, haven’t we?). I already got asked about the background from people standing behind me several times. „Warty Final“ already enhances some Windows backgrounds. Ubuntu Guerilla marketing in an artistic way. Nice work!

ubuntu background image

A comment by user AshCroft (thank you!) stated that Feta Kuti is an „Afrofunk/Jazz Saxophonist whose music was some of the inspiration for the heron and was chosen as the name for the art submission“.