Ubuntu on 24C3 Congress summary

24C3, the annual hacker congress at Berlin/Germany, is nearly over and there is not so much to say about Ubuntu. Though there had been a small Debian booth – marketing materials and stuff – there was nothing similar for Ubuntu. We discussed that earlier and actually most people thought, it’d not make that much sense as Ubuntu is not known for being the hacker favorite operating system. I guess, we should think about this next year again, as this conference gives the possibility not only to contact users but also a great bunch of possible developers.

In spite of that, this year you could notice dozens of Ubuntu driven notebooks around the congress. I met some folks interested in Ubuntu contacts and even helped out a Brazilian girl from linuxchix.org.br (greetings!) with an Ubuntu cd. So what you can summarize is the fact that Ubuntu is just a part of common usage around and that is what we like, don’t we?

Ubuntu on OLPC XO anonye?

While waiting for the delivery of my One Laptop per Child OLPC XO, ordered through the great Give one Get One program (you can order until 31. of December and yes, you can do it from outside U.S. e.g. Europe too, as the FAQ shows you), I’s nearly unhappy to see a lot of guys walking around with an OLPC XO at the annualy ccc hacker convention 24C3 while being nearly jealous :) Despite of dozens of OLPCs around here, at this time, nobody could answer my question whether there already had been serious efforts to bring Ubuntu to the little green thingy with the official bunny ears.

As far as Google knows, there exists an Ubuntu launchpad blueprint entitled „Ubuntu for the One Lap Top Per Child Project„, that brings up some hope but to be honest, there are dozens of interesting blueprints. So is anybody of you right now dealing with an installation of Ubuntu on the XO or knows someone around who does so?

(And yes, I know, that the Eeepc is a nice tool, too. But it just has no bunny ears, you know.)

Meeting Ubuntu folks at 24C3

It’s chaos congress time! The annual hacker congress taking place at Berlin(Germany) from 27. to 30. of December has opened its doors for hundreds of hackers, nerds, geeks and people who just like to talk about tech stuff at the of the year. If you are around Berlin, consider taking a ride there and check out the schedule for talks and workshops.

Of course Ubuntu people will hang around there, too. If you like to meet at least a couple of them: We will meet today, 27. of December at 15:15 at the info desk. Don’t expect dozens but definitely more than one. Some of us are native Berlin folks so this is a good situation for retrieving information about local stuff.

Meet you there!

We will probably organize another meeting. Join the Ubuntu Berlin mailing list or the not so up to date wiki for more details. We have an irc channel #ubuntu-berlin on Freenode, too.