Ubuntu (Berlin) Global Jam at c-base and Daniel Holbach’s notebook

Members of „Ubuntu Berlin“ met yesterday at c-base within the Ubuntu Global Jam. While it was nice seeing new and international faces showing up and introducing newcomers to advanced Launchpad usage, my main attraction of the day was Daniel Holbach’s notebook. He asserted it runs Maverick and starts up within five seconds, which made me laugh at first as my netbook’s startup time tripled from Lucid to Maverick to round about 45 seconds (which will at least change back until release I assume).

Ubuntu Berlin at Ubuntu Global Jam (c-base) - August 2010

Ubuntu (Berlin) Global Jam at c-base

To make it short: Between bug triaging and patching Daniel showed the startup procedure two or three times on his X61s (with an solid state disk, one has to add) and as promised it started up in five seconds after Grub. Actually this isn’t more than a fast booting notebook, but it shows the results of focussed efforts from the last one and a half year. Remember the initial „10s“ posting and the bunch of changes it took.

So I am happy looking forward to improvements for Maverick on my netbook. And yes: I am happy with 10 seconds, too.


Daniel noted, that it’s a X61s, not a T61. Changed.

3 Gedanken zu “Ubuntu (Berlin) Global Jam at c-base and Daniel Holbach’s notebook

  1. SSDs rule.

    On lucid, it takes ~30 seconds from pressing the power on button to getting a fully loaded desktop, and that time includes me typing my password into GDM. If I cheated and only counted the time from GRUB to GDM, it would be ~8 seconds (so bootchart tells me).

  2. I’ve been wanting to test out the Maverick Alpha for a week or 2 now and this might just give me the incentive to do it. The Lucid build I am running right now is quite nice, but as always, it sounds like the next version of Ubuntu is going to be even more exciting. Thanks for sharing this post.

  3. Try a clean install, or use pydefrag. Fragmentation does happen on Linux filesystems when they get too full, and the number of updates you’re constantly installing for Maverick is probably doing some work on /var/cache/apt/archives. I had my boot slow down considerably from Jaunty to Karmic (or was it Hardy to Jaunty?), and a reinstall helped, since then only what should be there was in / not everything that ever was.

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