Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope on Berlin metro system

Again I am happy to announce, that Berliner Fenster, the company behind the Berlin metro tv advertisement system, viewed by approx. 1.5 million people a day, was so kind of providing Ubuntu and Ubuntu Berlin with a spot for the release of Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope and the release party hosted by Ubuntu Berlin at c-base:

If you cannot see the embedded spot, click on this link.

The spot runs for three days, showing Ubuntu to a remarkable amount of passengers.

Please note: The background image is from Marvin Kubiak, you can find it among other interesting Jaunty background images on:


Happy release!

5 Gedanken zu “Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope on Berlin metro system

  1. Nice to see that they did this again. Do they use linux for their system, or why are they so „linux friendly“?

  2. A while ago I had a little chat with them. Actually they are not using Linux based systems but they are interested in this topic, though currently there is just no time for this. So we have loose contact and at least they do us the great favor of supporting our release parties.

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