Your mom runs Ubuntu? Join the team? She doesn’t yet? Help her. And join the Team!

After having a lot of chats with friends I’s surprised how many of them said „Yes, I installed Ubuntu on my mom’s pc.“ So I assume there is a growing user group which will never pop up in blogs, user groups or fairs: your mom, the mom of your friend and mine. As this is a user group bringing Ubuntu to the real end user, I think it’d be nice showing that these users exist and motivating other Ubuntu users to let their mothers join the Ubuntu crowd just by installing them Ubuntu, wouldn’t it?

So join the just created launchpad team „my mom runs ubuntu“ by clicking here and show the public that you made another mom happy. I promise I’ll change the launchpad group branding as soon as possible.

My mom runs Ubuntu. And yours?

15 Gedanken zu “Your mom runs Ubuntu? Join the team? She doesn’t yet? Help her. And join the Team!

  1. Yep, my mom also migrated to Ubuntu but I will install her Arch Linux with EDE as desktop environment because I think GNOME is too bloated for her needs.


  2. My mom told me she will never quit her slackware. Dependency management is like buying meals from fast-food, and she enjoys cooking.

  3. I dunno about my ‚mom‘ but my mum has had ubuntu for aaaaaaaaages, i don’t think she knows she has ubuntu but i guess thats the point. what group am i supposed to join? 😉

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  5. I am still waiting to move my parents to Ubuntu…not really sure for what. My dad has certain needs and is a odd sorta mix between a power user and traditional „old person“ when it comes to the computer.

    They are the sorta people that if they don’t like it the first time they probably will not try again. I will probably end up remixing a personal „mom&pop“ Ubuntu to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

  6. My mom uses Ubuntu (Gutsy) but incidentally just today I tried to diagnose weird Suspend/Resume problems on her laptop (it worked flawlessly when I installed it but somehow now doesn’t wake up always).
    So in retrospect, I’m still not sure whether Linux was the correct choice. While it has saved me a lot of support trouble in comparison with Windows (mainly because I have no clue of recent Windowses and their problems), with some more money to spare I would probably have bought her a Mac right from the start. OTOH, maybe that would have resulted in the same amount of support troubles as Linux or Windows, just with other topics :-)

  7. Dont forget to create the group „My Girlfriend/Boyfiend runs Ubuntu“…
    Actually my Parents, my Brother and my Girlfriend all run Ubuntu :-)

  8. Thanksgiving will be 2 years for my mom running Ubuntu. She’s used Dapper, Edgy, Feisty, Gutsy, and Hardy, but I’m not going to move her up to Intrepid. It doesn’t really add anything for her. She really likes it, but the fact that she’s got some half-dead hardware is creating issues. I need to get her a new computer.

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  10. My Mom uses Ubuntu but dual boots it with XP. She says she can’t do without yahoo messenger’s cam.

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