first „my package of the day“ republished on debaday

Just for your information as some people moaned about my „my package of the day“ series: A first article about „file“ has been republished there, more will follow and I am really happy contributing to this project. But let me add that I will continue introducing you right here to some of my favorite software packages as there are three major reasons:

  1. Some packages already have been described on debaday and therefore won’t be pushed a second time. As times change and people focus on different features when talking about software I see no problem in repeating package description with other words and even images.
  2. The debaday team tries to distribute the articles they get as good as possible. This means that between publication there can be a gap of some days. As you might understand, when writing a blog article you are most times yearning for hitting the „publish“ button and see what the crowd says.
  3. The republication on debaday shows, that a cooperations works really fine and there is no need to bother around.

So, thank you guys for reading and commenting and thank you, debaday team, for the wonderful work.

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