Don’t complain about it – make it better? Bug Jamming for a better tomorrow

Agreed, that was too much pathetic. But you got the point, didn’t you? Free software like every software is full of bugs and possibilities for enhancements. So is Ubuntu. But that’s okay, because we have the power to change it. No need to be a developer, no need to be an ubernerd. All you have to do is to spent some time. Need somebody to motivate you? Want to do it in a group? Then a Bug Jam is perfect for you!

No, it’s not a jam made of bugs :) It’s a get together where people work on eliminating software bugs by spending some time reading bug descriptions, checking them, writing new ones, informing developers about bugs or even patch the software by themselves. The Ubuntu community crew tries to push these events as they really help you to kick your ass and just get started as it’s much easier to get into the bug business in a group and it makes a lot of fun. And of course bugs fixed in Ubuntu can be ported to Debian and upstream quite often.

All you for a Bug Jam is… Ah, just come to one of the four Bug Jam irc sessions taking place in the next weeks, held by some Ubuntu people who already have some experiences with Bug Jamming and Ubuntu related events (I will support Daniel Holbach on two of them, one this Friday, 16:00 UTC). See the schedule on Daniel’s blog entry.

And keep in mind:

1. There is the 5-a-day project where you and your loco team, group or whatever can make a difference and pop up on the first line of the statistics.

2. There will be a Global Bug Jam which will be the first and biggest of it’s kind so far and you can be part of it.

Hope to see you there.

My 5 today: #156204 (pidgin-otr), #130443 (pidgin-otr), #144770 (pidgin-otr), #240420 (ubuntu), #231660 (ubuntu)
Do 5 a day – every day!

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