Ubuntu Hardy Heron Release Party – 26th of April at c-base/Berlin (Germany)

Yes, guys, we are fast. While you might be trying the alpha 2 release of Ubuntu Hardy Heron, the so called „Ubuntu +1“, meaning the next release which is scheduled for 24th of April 2008, the „Ubuntu Berlin“ user group is already busy with preparing its release party. After our last two release parties took place at the well known c-base – a sunken star ship – and reached an audience of eigthy to hundred people, we are pleased to announce that the next party will become even bigger.

As last time several lectures will be held. Due to the public interest especially in technical information we moved our party from Friday to Saturday and are going to start earlier in the afternoon so we can provide more input for visitors while still being able to have the dj(s) do their work in the evening and probably some barbecue.

So if you live around Berlin (Germany) – save the date – and feel free to help us with the preparation. You are welcome on the mailing list or our other communication channels that you can find on our wiki page. If you are just interested in attending the lectures or just want to hang around at the party, you invited to join our moderated, low traffic announcement mailing list.

6 Gedanken zu “Ubuntu Hardy Heron Release Party – 26th of April at c-base/Berlin (Germany)

  1. You really must be kidding me!!! We have still a lot of bugs to fix before releasing a new version. NetworkManager and wireless in general, compiz-fusion are only some of the edges that we need to smooth for the next release. Gutsy was a disappointment in terms of quality compared with Dapper i hope it doesn’t happens again with Hardy…

  2. In a few days we will anounce the release parties for Belgium and the Netherlands.

    3 may for Belgium and 17 may for The Netherlands 😉

    stay tuned.

  3. @effie/bartek: nice to know you celebrating „out there“ also :)

    @anon: well you are of course right when stating that bug fixing is extremely important. But socializing and marketing is also important as we try to get people you can call „users“. People who just want to use it. The target audience in a way.

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