Nearly the same


She: I finally bought OS X Leopard. I am so happy!
Me: Fine to hear that.
She: And you know what?
Me: Hmm?
She: It now has nearly the same functions like Ubuntu!

8 Gedanken zu “Nearly the same

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  2. Okay guys, though this talk really happened and „she“ already smiled about reading it here, this is actually not much more than just a funny anecdote about different views on operation systems. Please don’t take it to serious. I’m fine with seeing somebody happy using his commercial software when it is the perfect solution for him and he can afford it.

    And about the time machine: I’m interested to see how usable TimeVault becomes over time:
    Of course it won’t get that shiny but maybe it’ll provide you with a similar set of features.

  3. it seems that Ubuntu is a champion compared to other system.Ubuntu will grow stronger.

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