Ubuntu on OLPC XO anonye?

While waiting for the delivery of my One Laptop per Child OLPC XO, ordered through the great Give one Get One program (you can order until 31. of December and yes, you can do it from outside U.S. e.g. Europe too, as the FAQ shows you), I’s nearly unhappy to see a lot of guys walking around with an OLPC XO at the annualy ccc hacker convention 24C3 while being nearly jealous :) Despite of dozens of OLPCs around here, at this time, nobody could answer my question whether there already had been serious efforts to bring Ubuntu to the little green thingy with the official bunny ears.

As far as Google knows, there exists an Ubuntu launchpad blueprint entitled „Ubuntu for the One Lap Top Per Child Project„, that brings up some hope but to be honest, there are dozens of interesting blueprints. So is anybody of you right now dealing with an installation of Ubuntu on the XO or knows someone around who does so?

(And yes, I know, that the Eeepc is a nice tool, too. But it just has no bunny ears, you know.)

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  1. There is a page on how to install Debian on the OLPC wiki. It should be reasonably easy to extrapolate the method to Ubuntu. I’m going to wait until the first update of January before trying this, so that I can tell whether the default software is good enough.

  2. I have not run into any information on doing so, but I haven’t looked very hard. I think I’ll most likely keep the default OS on that and use it as a learning tool. I have the EeePC as well, so I get to tinker with Ubuntu on that one :)

  3. it might be interesting to see EmDebian as its meant for less resourceful embedded systems. IIRC Some bits of the OLPC are not in Debian, so you’d need some non-DFSG stuff to run everything (WIFI?).

  4. Thanks for your hints, guys. May main concern is indeed the hardware but actually it’s more open than the Eeepc as far as I got to know. It might be a problem getting wifi with wpa/wpa2 to run which is in a way crucial for daily work (and the fact there is no ethernet plug).

    The Debian hint is indeed a good point and hey, I’d prefer Debian than having a Fedora/RedHat system more than not having Ubuntu at all.

    Never heard of EmDebian so far, thank you. With my Sharp Zaurus I just dealt with the Debian Arm tree more or less successfully.

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